HPE 3PAR 9450-4N

3PAR StoreServ 9450-4N All-Flash SAN, Quad-Controller All-Software

  • Total Cache: 896 GiB
  • Processors: 4-8 x 10-core 2.4 GHz
  • Max Raw Capacity: 6000 TiB
  • Support: 5-Year 4-hour 24×7 + DMR
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HPE 3PAR 9450-4N Storage helps you consolidate primary storage workloads for file and block onto an enterprise-class flash array without compromising performance, scalability, data services, or resiliency.

Empower data with the HPE 3PAR 9450-4N as the speed of memory offers the industry’s first Tier-1 storage with Storage Class Memory (SCM) and NVMe

HPE 3PAR 9450-4N delivers up to 2X performance compared to the 16Gb 4 port FC HBA in a smaller port footprint for mixed workloads and FC port consolidation.

The HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9000 Storage can scale to 18 PiB of usable all-flash capacity or >100 TiB raw, offering plenty of room for growth. Consolidate multiple midrange systems for more performance and more scale for your all-flash data center.

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Number of Controllers 2 or 4
HPE 3PAR Gen5 ASICs 4 or 8
Processors 4-8 x 10-core 2.4 GHz
Total Cache 896 GiB
Total Cache per node pair 448 GiB
Maximum Host Ports 80
   16Gb/s fibre Channel Host Pairs 0-80 ports
   10Gb/s iSCSI Host Pairs 0-40 ports
   10Gb/s Ethernet Adapter 0-24 ports
Built-In 10GbE Ports 2-4 ports
Number of Solid State Drives 6-576
Max Raw Capacity (approx.) 6000 TiB
Usable File Capacity 2 – 512 TiB