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HardwareDistribution, part of Hardware.com, is based in South Africa and is a distributor of advanced IT technology and solutions. Read more to find out more about what we can do for your company.

We work with companies to optimise IT infrastructures and meet changing business requirements. Our team of expert consultants holds a host of multi-vendor accreditations and delivers guidance and assurance to our partners and customers.

HardwareDistribution supports its resellers with a portfolio of additional services to assist in the planning, deployment and support of new IT infrastructures. Encompassing technical consultancy, system design, proof of concept, pre-staging, installation services, training and support, these services offer a significant resource for our resellers, adding value, opening new opportunities and ensuring a strong customer experience.

HardwareDistribution has developed strong relationships with a number of key vendors who deliver the product portfolio and service levels that allow our customers differentiate themselves in the market.


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